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Gather Required Files

Before starting, you will need:

- A PS2 BIOS File

- ESPN NFL 2K5 ISO (for the NFL 2K23 mod)

- ESPN NFL Football ISO (for the NFL 4K23 mod)

There will be no links provided to any of these for legal purposes. Ideally, I would recommend having 50GB free on your HDD as well (if you want video highlights enabled).

Download the Mod

After downloading, run the NFL 2K23 or 4K23 Setup.exe. This will install everything that you need.


Add Your BIOS Files

After setup, copy your BIOS files to Program Files >> NFL 2K23 >> bios. 

Launch PCSX2.

Create the 40GB HDD*

This step is entirely optional. If you wish to have video highlights at halftime, you will need 40GB of free space for your HDD.


Make the game look how you want it to.

Activate mods by the community, such as redesigned end zones or alternate uniforms, with the GME Utility that is included in the NFL 2K23 download.

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