Release Date - 01.01.23


Release 2.1

The latest version of the ONLY college football mod for ESPN NFL 2K5. This is an entirely new way of enjoying college pigskin.

  • 2022 - 2023 Roster

  • Legends Mode

  • Updated stadiums, cheerleaders, uniforms, etc.

Game Details

player likeness

Cyberfaces and improved gear present a layer of realism that is missing from NCAA 06.

play current day rosters or legends!

If you are a die-hard college football fan of today's players, fire up the 2022 - 2023 rosters. If you long for the days of Reggie vs VY, enable the Legends mod to build your fantasy squad of your favorite players of the past.

complete. college. transformation.

The ENTIRE game of ESPN NFL 2K5 is transformed into a collegiate mod. Every texture has been replaced, so enjoy a beautiful game of football how you want to.

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This mod is a game-changer and warrants a download.