Release Date - 07.29.23

NFL 4K24

Release Two

The latest version of the only mod for ESPN NFL Football. The updates here are seemingly endless from Release One (which was an over 10GB install).

  • 100+ cyberfaces and portraits

  • Updated rosters

  • Over 400+ uniform combinations

  • Every cleat and glove texture has been re-created

  • New coach attire textures and likeness

Game Details


Over 100 cyberfaces and portraits have made their way to NFL 4K24!

Updated Rosters

If you have been around in the NFL 2K scene, you have surely heard of Gillboldberg. He makes some of the best playing, most accurate rosters available online and the roster included in this mod is his.

Uniforms, Uniforms, Uniforms

A frequently requested feature, full 4K uniform selection has arrived. Over 400 different uni combos keep your threads fresh and your team looking the way you want them to.

Best. Run. Game. Ever.

NFL 2K4 (ESPN NFL Football) features the best run game ever seen in a football sim.