Release Date - 07.29.23

NFL 2K24

Version 1

The latest installment of the now infamous mod for ESPN NFL 2K5.

  • The gold standard of football gaming

  • Updated rosters

  • Updated menu UI

  • Countless new uniform options available via GME

Game Details

the best presentation

NFL 2K5 set the bar almost 20 years ago with sports video game presentation.

One of the deepest sports mods. Ever.

With years of releases, the NFL mod for NFL 2K5 is the deepest and richest of all of our offerings. From the fans to cheerleaders, everything is refreshed.

Updated rosters & player likeness

Courtesy of LostSoul, CujoMatty, EGB11 and others, experience the NFL with detailed cyberfaces and up-to-date depth charts.

improved pass arc

Compared to ESPN NFL Football, passing angles are improved and allow you to place the ball where you want it.